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We are an aviation company specializing in private aircraft charter, acquisitions, and aircraft management.

Candidate Profile

High Net Worth individual facing a significant tax liability as the result of a major liquidity event (sale of business, signing bonus, etc.) may want to explore the benefits of owning a private jet and utilize the aircraft for charter purposes to help mitigate the amount of tax due. Our unique approach, subject to owner utilization, can sometimes be structured to be cash-flow positive when considering the benefits of charter revenue, depreciation, tax structure, etc.

Program Overview

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act includes provisions that make buying a private jet more attractive and attainable than ever before.
The average charter aircraft flies approximately 500 hours per year. When a jet owner limits personal use to an acceptable threshold (to be determined by counsel partners) the purchase of the aircraft may be treated as a business expense if the remaining flight hours are made available inside a charter program. Under this agreement, the operation of the asset often qualifies as a legitimate business expense, helping offset the tax liability associated with the liquidity event.
When the asset is operated within a charter fleet, income is generated to assist in the offset of variable and fixed cost such as: the note payment (if it has been financed), regular maintenance and upkeep, taxes and licensing, and the flight expenses related to the owner's personal use. The key metric to achieve success is partnering with a proven aircraft management and charter organization. This collaboration provides the ability to design a highly effective operational plan for the aircraft that maximizes cash flow from operations. Our team of experiences professionals is well-suited to deliver on that promise, beginning with the selection and purchase of an appropriate aircraft for each unique buyer. One size doesn't fit all, and our team excels at modeling an operational plan specifically tailored to each client.

Key Differentiators

Key Differentiators

A highly skilled team who will holistically approach your specific situation to maximize both tax savings and charter revenue;
Highest available safety ratings, to include IS-BAO Stage 1 safety rating + in-house safety management system;
Fully trained and qualified pilots and ground crews;
Dedicated maintenance manager for your aircraft, minimizing aircraft downtime;
Secure and hassle-free financing
Charter resource network to maximize aircraft revenue;
VIP departure and arrival "concierge" experience;
Volume discounts to include, fuel, maintenance, hangar, landing/ramp, and insurance;
Ability to utilize alternate in-fleet aircraft at reduced rating structures in the event your aircraft is unavailable at any time.
FAR Part 135 Direct Air Carriers operate and exercise full operational control over flights.

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